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Adam Furmanczuk, software developer

Hi, my name is Adam Furmanczuk and I write code. Since 2003 I do object orientated programming (OOP) Java, JavaScript, C++. I follow the bigger trend to adopt functional programming as well, as I enjoy the clarity of easy to read and easier to change code. I have good knowledge in JSF, JPA, maven, gradle, spring and other popular Java EE technologies to throw with some technical terms. I am productive in frontend using Flutter and Angular. For backend web technologies, I usually dive into Java Spring, Python and C# .NET. What technologies I considered important in 2014 changed a lot in 2024, but what brings value is to keep continuously learning. Especially, since programming with Github Copilot and other AI tools is easier than ever.

I started my computer science studies in 2005 and finished the Bachelor of Science in 2013. Apart from web technologies, I also like embedded hardware and have written my bachelor thesis "Evaluation of embedded platforms for nightingale song processing", while my master thesis dealt on Design Science Research, focusing on Scrum, agile methodology with the use case of creating a Veterinary Surgery web application in Flutter and Spring Boot. I tackled the user needs from a User Centered Design approach to develop the front and backend application. Since I started working fulltime in 2013, I considered finishing my master thesis more of a hobby. Having achieved that in 2022, I look for new hobbies that keep me busy learning.

In the last 10 years I worked for many software development companies. To keep this site up-to-date, I refer to my linkedIn profile.

If you would like to contact me for software engineering projects or exchange about programming, clean code or software architecture do not hesitate to contact me at agilino.ch.
Stay tuned,

Adam Furmańczuk

I write code.

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