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Adam Furmanczuk, computer scientist

Hi, my name is Adam Furmanczuk and I am software engineer. Since 2003 I have experience in object orientated programming (OOP) JAVA, JavaScirpt, C++. I have good knowledge in JSF, JPA, maven, spring and other other popular JAVA EE technologies. I am productive in front-end and back-end web technlogies with particular bias on JAVA. I also like embedded hardware and have written my bachelor thesis "Evaluation of embedded platforms for nightingale song processing". From August 2013 until March 2016 I developed backend software at Limetec Biotechnologies, mostly engaged in python programming. Since March 2016 I code JAVE EE for mobile robotics at robart in Linz. In addition, I am about to finish my master degree in computer science (most likely march 2017).

If you would like to contact me for software engeneering projects, I kindly ask you to send me an e-mail. You may use my university address: adam.furmanczuk [AT] fu-berlin.de.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me. Send me a mail optionally using GPG-signature.
Kind regards,

Adam Furmańczuk

I write code.

This is my gpg key: pub 4096R/F99A6430 2015-09-02
key fingerprint = 3AD2 4ADE 5917 324D 9F3C 9A3F BBC7 5E72 F99A 6430


Adam Furmańczuk
Scharnweberstr. 126
13405 Berlin
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